Welcome to Bengal Studio Inc where we provide you with all your visual content needs. We believe in “content really matters”. Bengal Studio Inc- is the fulfillment of a dream. We are experienced on pioneering and refining solutions that are secure, flexible and designed to work with any service provider based on client needs. We deliver a complete solution that insures practical and real expertise for your niche.We do a host of activities including a television commercial, company promotional videos, corporate videos, social media videos, video editing, outdoor- indoor photography and videography, Weddings videos, Birthdays videos. Also, our major focus is on making movies like we help others for any production from scratch to final production. We want to make films and tell some unique stories which will change a stranger’s perception.

Who we are

Bengal Studio Inc produces content and media that covers the gamut of film production, photography and media, where we strive to provide work at the best level while maintaining a budget that is the most optimal for it. We are a group of like-minded individuals that studied film and production and we try to come together to put forth our creativity to the best of our abilities. Ultimately our goal is to make films using the resources we acquire throughout our other work, as filmmaking is our ultimate goal.

What we do

Bengal Studio Inc makes content regarding video production including but not limited to inside the box. We want to go beyond with our ultimate effort, meaning we always think what would be the most possibility and our thinking always works on outside of the box. We offer sensible and genuine expertise to advertising small to large companies to grow and scale their business through media, provide technical support in handling any kind of videography and production and do various photographic services. We offer sensible and genuine expertise to advertising small to large  companies to grow and scale business through media.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to make authentic work to the best of our knowledge and creativity, to tell stories that highlight the state of the world and provide work to our clients by the best of our abilities, using as low of a budget as possible, striving for efficiency so we can cut through red tape and bring you content as fast and systematically as possible.


Sarwar Habib

Founder and Director
After studying associates in media studies from LaGuardia Community College in New York City. I later took a one-year film making course from Digital Film Academy in New York. And finally, did bachelor’s in film production at Brooklyn college, New York film department. My specialty is directing actors, writing scripts and thinking about visual images based on any specific story. As a director, my job is to bring all these elements or ingredients on table, then meet client demands and their business and finally to execute it properly.

Imran Hossain

Film Editor
I studied digital film editing and graphics design from Dhaka, Bangladesh. As a fulltime visual content editor at Bengal Studio Inc, my goal is to finish the post productions aspect of any production as easily as efficiently by giving my all-creative input. I began my career in Bangladesh Television industry, edited more than thousand television series, mini drama and television commercial. I worked with twenty nationalities from overseas and edited visual content for Bengal Studio Inc. My job is to work on creative technical part and postproduction process.

Ali Ashrar

Managing Director

First, I studied filmmaking from Brooklyn college and then did bachelor’s in Computer science at Queens college, New York. My goal is to provide technical support to the work that Bengal studio Inc does, from handling equipment to any computer related issues and manage client needs. I love films and filmmaking and to achieve that goal, I use my creativity and skills to perform the work to the best of my ability.


Komol Chandra Das

Director of Photography
I studied cinematography in Bangladesh and worked in television industry for long time. I shot more than hundred television drama, couple of documentaries, web series and television commercial along with in two feature films. One has win national award for cinema in Bangladesh and other in international film festival in Manhattan, New York. As a cinematographer, my job is to create and exposed visual images perfectly. With Bengal Studio Inc, my job is to overseas the production aspect and give the highest value of each production.

Our Clients

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